Meet Our Patrons

Over the years, the generosity of our patrons has sustained the Tyler Civic Chorale, allowing it to grow into its mission to enrich the community by providing access to high quality music.

Together, Our Voices Reach Further

These generous sponsorships underwrite several initiatives in particular each season which allow the Chorale to share their music with more impact.

At Christmas and on Independence Day, the Chorale hosts free concerts open to the public—events that have become holiday traditions in Tyler and draw hundreds to pack the house each year. These concerts demonstrate the power of music to give shape to the rhythm of seasons, our collective memories, and our celebrations.

In addition to making these free concerts possible, patrons underwrite the addition of a professional chamber orchestra at one concert each season, enabling the community to engage with the rich history of choral composition written for orchestral accompaniment.

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Patrons of the 2017–2018 Season

(as of May 15th, 2018)

Bach's Mass in B minor


Otis & Claudia Carroll

Duruflé's Requiem


Suzanne Mitchell

Mahler's Symphony of a Thousand


Austin Bank Texas, N.A.                                            Bill and Tandy Brandt                                              William and MaryAnn Girard
Maria L. and James R. Ogburn, Jr.                          J.T. and Suzanne Pundt                                            Cherisa and Sammy York

Beethoven's Missa solemnis


Anonymous                                                              Dr. D. M. Edwards
Carol Guinette Tell

Rachmaninov's Vespers                             


Gary and Ramona Chance                                      Debra Ippolito                                                          Mary and Robert Lee                                                Joe and Gay Odom                                                  Richard Lee and Julie Philley                                  Dr. Jimmie A. & Shirley A. Reese                            Dr. Sally Smith

Orff's Carmina Burana


Kathy and Wayne Babin                                          Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bender                                       
Joan P. Curtis                                                            W. E. Curtis Jr.                                                          
Jerry & Ila England                                                  Marshall E. Ewing                                                    Judith Guthrie                                                          David Hudson                                                          Michael W. Jones                                                    Holly Marsh                                                              Paul and Karin Morrow                                            Charlie and Lou Niven                                              John K. Simpson                                                      Sammye Woodward

Jeffrey Ford                                                              Richard W. Herr                                                        Donna and Michael Rainone                                   Drs. Charles and Amy Holmes Weinstein

Vivaldi's Gloria



James & Sandra Bailey                                  Pamela H. Franzen                                                  Mary E. George                                                        Ireland, Carroll & Kelley, P.C.                                    Paula J. and David B. Little                                      Terry L. Witter

Haydn's Creation